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Home Cinema Choice January 2011
"It works exceptionally well and makes those lower octaves firmer, smoother and better defined"

The Absolute Sound Buyer's Guide 2011
"The Anti-Mode provides a surprisingly well-balanced, smooth, and precisely defined bass that integrates very well with main speakers of all sorts" 
Positive Feedback issue 50 (review)
"For $350 this has to be the best bang-for-the-buck tweak I have made in my system for a long time."
Positive Feedback
The Absolute Sound Magazine August 2010
"Most reviews have to balance plusses and minuses. But this one is all plusses"
"I Listened both for bass extension and especially for how the Anti-Mode correction improved bass pitch, definition, and precision. And it did a superb job."
"Transient precision was excellent, as was pitch definition. The system had become transparent all the way down"
"The improvement of the bass [ with the Anti-Mode ] is going to amaze you. And look at the bargain price. Power to the people!"

The Absolute Sound magazine June/July 2010
"The result is superlative bass from any decent subwoofer"
"Even relatively inexpensive subwoofers enter the realm of close-to-perfect bass"
"A must-try product for anyone who uses a subwoofer, and yet another stage in the use of DSP to rationalize audio"

HI-FI World August/2008
"Bass rhythms became tighter and unwanted 'thump' was lessened, making the bass more fluid and natural"

Hifimaailma 1/2008 (in Finnish)
"Calibrated subwoofer sounded clearly more balanced and accurate. Also the integration to the main speakers improved, and localization of the subwoofer diminished"
"Anyone can use it, and the result is always consistently successful"

Hifimaailma 2/2008 (in Finnish) Automatic calibration systems review (Audyssey, MCACC & YPAO)
"For example the Anti-Mode 8033 tested in previous issue, was compared to these systems completely superior tool for adjusting the subwoofer"

Anti-Mode is granted the Golden Ear Award 2010.
golden ear

AutoSound 6/2009
The Anti-Mode 8033 with 12V Car adapter convinced the reviewers in the car audio systems by improving the bass drastically by removing harmful resonances of the bass.
autosound, May 2009
"So, to sum up; It's small enough to tuck out of the way, sturdy, simple for technophobes, effective enough for technophiles, as cheap as it currently gets and it works. That makes it an easy recommended buy.

Stereophile, April 2009
Anti-Mode 8033 is selected to Recommended components listings under Signal Processors category in the special issue of wth "500 recommended components". In addition the 8033 received rare "$$$" marking for it's exceptional price/quality rating.
"Where we have found a product to perform much better than might be expected from its price, we have drawn attention to it with "$$$" next to its listing."

Stereophile January 2009, "Music in the round by Kalman Rubinson"
"When I restored the 8033's EQ, each pedal tone became distinguishable. There was similar salutary effect with low percussion and winds, and, of course with film sound effects"  "In summary, the DSPeaker Anti-Mode is a dandy little device for taking care of the major influences of room modes. It is incredibly easy to use and reasonably priced" 


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